The 1st (regional) stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Programming Olympiad has the status of 1/8 of the world championship in programming and is held in basic higher education institutions in all regional centers of Ukraine. Each participant of the Olympiad registers on the website of the ASM-ISRS student world championship in programming. Teams of universities of III-IV levels of accreditation take part in the Olympiad.
Students of all universities of Ukraine, where programming is studied, are invited to participate in the Olympiad, both during five years of study and within the framework of one or two disciplines.

Taking into account the different level of preparation of the participants is ensured by the following means: the set of tasks of the 1st stage of the Olympiad contains tasks of three difficulty groups:

1st group (5 tasks that require the availability of primary knowledge and skills in programming) – for students who study programming in the framework of one or two disciplines;
2-a (5 tasks that require basic knowledge of mathematics in the field of algorithm development and an average level of knowledge and skills in programming) – for students who study programming in the framework of several disciplines;
3rd (5 tasks that require a high level of knowledge and skills in the field of developing effective algorithms and their software implementation) – for students of classical and technical universities;
quotas for the representation in the II stage provide for the possibility of participation in it:

  • no more than 5 teams from one university;
  • the best team of each university, which solved at least one problem, regardless of its sports result (places in the tournament table);
  • certificates of winners based on the results of the 1st stage are awarded not only to the absolute winners of regional competitions, but also to the three best teams of each university that took
  • part in the competition (if they solved at least one task);

The II (regional) stage of the Olympiad is held in five basic universities of Ukraine, which allows to host more than 200 teams, about half of which are teams of “non-core” universities;

The III (final) stage of the Olympiad is held in two groups:

in the first group compete the teams that won the right to participate in the semi-finals of the ASM-ISRS world student programming championship;
the second group includes the 40 best teams of Ukraine that did not make it to the world semi-finals;
winners and prize-winners of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad are determined based on the results of the overall ranking of the first and second groups of the III stage in six groups of universities: classical, technical, pedagogical, economic, humanitarian, natural and scientific.

Thus, within the framework of one general Olympiad, it is possible for teams of universities of various disciplines to compete with each other within the limits of the corresponding “shop” cluster of the general tournament table. At the same time, the most gifted students get the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities outside the cluster, corresponding to the profile of their university.

The number of participants of the I stage is not limited.

Upon agreement with the Organizing Committee of the basic higher education institution of the first stage, students of higher education institutions of the I and II levels of accreditation and representatives of the best secondary educational institutions of Ukraine can participate in the Olympiad outside of the competition.

The Olympiad helps motivate students to work hard independently to improve their professional level in the field of programming, increase the level of students’ knowledge in the field of computer science, discrete mathematics, mathematical logic, develop effective algorithms and programs, and also allows to identify and support gifted student youth.

The following students took part in the Olympiad in the Vinnytsia region in two years:

  • Vinnytsia National Technical University (VNTU);
  • Vinnytsia National Agrarian University (VNAU);
  • Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University named after M. Kotsyubynskyi (VDPU);
  • Vinnytsia Trade and Economic Institute KNTEU (VTEI KNTEU);
  • Vinnytsia Financial and Economic University VFEU;
  • Vinnytsia Institute of Economics of the Ternopil National University of Economics (VIE TNEU).

Apart from the competition, students of the Physical and Mathematical Gymnasium (Vinnytsia) and the Vinnytsia Technical Lyceum took part in the Olympiad.

The basic higher education institution of the 1st stage in the Vinnytsia region is the Vinnytsia National Technical University (Vinnytsia, 95 Khmelnytske Shose Street).

Other universities of the Vinnytsia region are also invited to participate in the Olympiad. To do this, you should contact the coordinator of the Olympics in the Vinnytsia region at the address [email protected]

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